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Deadline: April 28, 2017

Compliance with the deadline insures that your event will appear in the glossy calendar-brochure. Events submitted after the deadline will be added to the e-calendar found here.

Notification of cancellation, rescheduling and relocation of events already in the online calendar should be sent to Christine Jones

Step 1: Booking Space

Please book the presentation room for your event before submitting your event with this form.

For All Classrooms, University Dining Room, other dining areas, or St. Charles Borromeo Convocation Center use this Online Reservation Form or contact Lisa Salazar (ext 5143) of Meetings, Events, and Conferences.

For Sancta Alberta Chapel or D'Arcy Great Room use this Online Reservation Form or contact Sabrina Poulin (ext 5617).

For the Big Red Room or University Commons contact Student Organization Resource Center (ext 5834).

Step 2: Submit A&I

After booking your space, submit this form to Arts & Ideas.

Use this form to submit your event to Arts & Ideas. If you experience any difficulties or if you have any questions, please contact Dr. James Tallon.

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Contact Information

Event Information

You must reserve the space for your event before submitting this form.

Statement About Academic Merit

The Arts&Ideas Program seeks to promote the cultural and intellectual life of the Lewis community It acts as an extension of the classroom experience and demonstrates to the student the variety of ways people have explored and expressed their humanity throughout time and across the globe. To the general student, Arts&Ideas demonstrates how learning can be a life-long pursuit.

All events must align with the mission of Arts&Ideas. In the text area below, briefly describe the academic merit of this event.

Series Information

If you are the sponsor of a series (e.g., Electronic Music Midwest Festival, Philosophy Conference, Common Reader Program, etc.) provide below the name and a brief description of the series. You need to submit a separate form for each series event, but only one Statement About Educational Merit.

Stipends Request

A portion of the Arts&Ideas budget is devoted to supporting faculty who bring outside speakers to campus, speakers who are of interest to a general audience. Up to $200 per speaker is available, though that amount may increase depending upon the number of requests. Priority will be given to faculty whose requests meet the deadline for the semester’s events. Decisions about support will be made by the Program Director and members of the A&I Advisory Committee. Please indicate the amount of money you are requesting.

Arts&Ideas funding is intended to bring speakers and events from outside the Lewis University community. With this in mind, Arts&Ideas funds cannot be used for honorariums for Lewis University faculty, staff, and students. Please consider this when requesting funding.

After submitting this form, an email will be sent to you for your records.

Technical difficulties with this form, contact Dr. Mike McFerron