Lewis University English Department

Film Studies at Lewis University

Director of Film Studies
Dr. Christopher Wielgos, Professor of English
Phone: extension 5873
Email: wielgoch@lewisu.edu
Office: DL-218-N
            1998, Ph.D., Northern Illinois University 
            1991, M.A., Northern Illinois University 
            1985, B.A., Marquette University

Simone Muench, Professor of English
Phone: extension 5554
Email: muenchsi@lewisu.edu
Office: DL-216-N

            2006, Ph.D., University of Illinois-Chicago
            1993, M.A., The University of Colorado
            1991, B.A., The University of Colorado

Jamil Mustafa, Professor of English
Phone: extension  5492
Email: mustafja@lewisu.edu
Office: DL-208-N
         1999, Ph.D., The University of Chicago 
         1992, M.A., The University of Chicago 
         1987, B.A., Lewis and Clark College

Additional Faculty will be added as courses are made available. Check back frequently for their information.


URL: http://www2.lewisu.edu/~wielgoch/film/faculty
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