Fall 2009

An Introduction

Memento [film]
Dr. Christopher Wielgos (English)

The Biological Foundations of Short Term and Long Term Memory
Dr. Erin Zimmer (Biology)

National Museums and Sites of Memory: Divided Memory and the Holocaust in Vilnius, Lithuania
Dr. Edna Kantorovitz Carter Southard (Earlham College)

Remembering, Reproduction, and Theological Value: Religious art of Mexiccan immigrants in New Mexico
Dr. Dominic Colonna (Theology)

Dark City [film]
Dr. Christopher Wielgos (English)

El Dia de los Muertos: A sophisticated Pre-literate Use of Family Memories for Social Bonding and Treatment of Grief
Dr. John Greenwood (Psychology)

Possible Worlds [film]
Dr. Christopher Wielgos (English)

Geographical Memory: The 25th anniversary of the Illinois and Michigan Canal National Historic Corridor
Dr. Dennis Cremin (History)

The Reliability of Oral History: the Memory of the African American Community
Dr. Mark Schultz (History)

Memory in Collaboration: Investigations into Poetry as a Memorializing and Communal Act
Dr. Jackie White (English)
Dr. Simone Muench (English)

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