Spring 2010

Virtually Sacred: Pilgrimage and Memory in the Internet Age
Dr. Maryellen Collett (Theology)

Chaucer's Pilgrimage: Remembering Canterbury
Dr. Dawn Walts (English)

Ancient Pilgrimage Narratives
Dr. Clare Rothschild (Theology)

Consciousness and Memory in the Modernist Novel
Dr. Michael Cunningham (English)
Dr. Nancy Workman (English)
Dr. Wallace Ross (English)

Mythical Memories of Immigration: The Collective Amnesia of the Americas
Dr. Eileen McMahon (History)

Southern Response to Civil Rights in the 1960's: Memory and Memorial
Dr. Cathy Ayers (Communication)

Armenia in Turkish Collective Memory and View from the Left and Right in Guatemala
Dr. William Malone (History)
Dr. James Tallon (History)

Hiroshima, Mon Amour [film]
Dr. Christopher Wielgos (English)

A Psychological Perspective on the Experience and Meaning of Memory in a Case of Childhood Abuse
Dr. Clare Lawlor (Psychology)

Recovering Family History through Memories
Br. Joseph Martin (President's Office)

Last Year at Marienbad [film]
Dr. Christopher Wielgos (English)

MusicBYTES: Memory
Dr. Mike McFerron (Music)

Night and Fog
Dr. Christopher Wielgos (English)

Remembering Heroes and Heroines: Telling Their Stories
Br. Armand Alcazar (Theology)

Monumental Memory: Ethnicity in Chicago
Dr. Patricia Mooney-Melvin (Loyola University Chicago, History)

Recovering Family History through Memories

April 8, 2010

Brother Joseph Martin, Presidentís Office, explored how family history research can prod and preserve memories and also keep alive the memories of our ancestors. It presented examples of subjective and objective memory.

(An article based on this lecture appeared in FORUM, the online magazine of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, Summer 2010, Volume 22, Number 2, 11-13.)

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Br. Joseph Martin Brother Joseph F. Martin, FSC, is the Assistant to the President at Lewis University. Free-lance author, lecturer and educator, he has been researching his family history for forty years. He has published more than twenty articles both online and in six genealogy journals.

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