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The Interdisciplinary Film Minor in Detail

The Film Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental program that allows students to complete courses from several different departments in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Departments that currently offer courses in the program include Communications, English, and Theatre. Many other departments will develop and offer courses in the coming semesters.

In our program, students study film as a literary and media art form. The prevalence of film as a primary textual form in American culture demands that students be able to critically understand the medium. The Film Studies Minor therefore fills a vital role in a student’s university education.  

The Minor in Film Studies is designed to:         

  • underscore the cultural importance of narrative film in modern life

  • teach students how to interpret film from a variety of historical, cultural and theoretical perspectives 

  • teach  students to analyze how meanings are created through representational devices inherent in film, and

  • help develop a pre-professional foundation (in criticism or production) for students who plan to complete advanced studies in film.

In addition, this program responds directly to student demand for courses that study film.  We expect this program to grow rapidly, and courses offered among the most popular on campus.  We base these assertions on surveys of students and high enrolment rates of current courses that study film.

18 Credit Hours:
6 Hours Required Courses,
12 Hours Elective Courses

All Undergraduate students are eligible for admission to the Film Studies program. Students should have completed College Writing 1 and have completed or be enrolled in College Writing 2 when enrolled in a Film Study course.

Students must complete 18 credit hours of course work to complete the Minor, with 6 credit hours coming from two required courses that allow the student to learn the fundamentals of film rhetoric, history, and analysis (ENGL 260: Introduction to Film Studies) and participate in a capstone experience in a seminar atmosphere (ENGL 460: Film Theory and Criticism). The remaining 12 credit hours come from an approved list of elective courses.

The list of elective courses will change yearly, as courses are developed and offered by departments throughout the College of Arts and Sciences.

This is a quick summary of currently listed courses, but new courses from many different departments will be added to this list in coming semesters. For descriptions of these courses, go to the Courses section of this site.

The Film Studies Minor--18 hours

Required Courses--6 hours

ENGL 270000

Introduction to Film Studies (3)

ENGL 430000

Film Theory and Criticism (3)

Electives--9 or 12 hours (any 3 or 4 from these or approved courses)

ENGL 227000

Stories into Film (3)

ENGL 361000

Topics in Film and Literature (3)

ENGL 363000

Postmodern American Fiction & Film (3)

ENGL 370000

Topics in Film Study (3)

ENGL 371000

Classical Hollywood Cinema (3)

ENGL 372000

The History of Film (3)

ENGL 374000

The Horror Film (3)

ENGL 375000

Women in Film (3)

ENGL 376000

World/Ethnic Film (3)

COMS 230000

Digital Filmmaking (3)

COMS 357000

Postproduction (3)

One Possible Elective --3 hours (may choose from any one course)

THEA 271000

Acting I (3)

THEA 371000

Acting II (3)

COMS 370000

Opinion Writing (3)

COMS 426000

Special Topics in Mass Media (3)

MUSC 230000

Music, History, and Film (3)

SOCI 206000

Film and Society (3)


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